We are who you’ve been waiting for.

Espacios Digitales is a young and global company. We have offices in 4 countries and agents in 7. We expect to double that next year. Our highly entrepreneurial and qualified team has experience working for companies like Skype, Hotels.com, various large newspapers, IBM, Ebay, among others.

Always at the vanguard of new technologies, we are constantly trying to push marketing efficiency forward and reduce to costs of getting the right product to the right people. Furthermore, we have grown with this industry and, in a big part, we have influenced its development, facing challenges as they present themselves in a informed and pragmatic way.

Our Qualifications:

The Espacios Digitales team is highly skilled in conducting campaigns through mass media such as Internet. Each member of Espacios Digitales has extensive training in different areas which are currently being advertised, so at this time we are in the process of getting those skill certificates.

These certifications include the bind by Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. among others highly recognized worldwide companies.